Kode 9 . Cock and Swan . Nihansin Dideden . Colin Blundtone . Sonny Moon . Emahoy Tsegue & Maryam Guebrou
. Dire Wolves . Lotide . Donovan . The New Age Steepers . Speculator. Alexander Skip Spence .
. The Clientelle . Maria Minerva .


I recently finished up some album artwork for JaMile Jackson's new release 'Manifest Destiny'. The album unfolds as an immersive passage through one of my favorite musician's psyche and digestive process. These tracks lend themselves as a transformative timeline, weaving memory and visceral experiences into an unadulterated blanket of sound. Manifest Destiny is intimate retrospection as much as it provides a vast space for your mind to wander. Blissout.



2x2'  teak. pine. epoxy resin. vinyl

Minnesota Sky


Conveyor Belt

20.5x8" etching in epoxy resin on pine frame, with high-light mica and varnish